I’m self-publishing my SAT Drills Book!

Ryan vs. Math: I am self publishing my workbook, and it already has a front cover.


After studying for the new SAT, studying the test itself and then taking it, I felt confident that my score of 800 for the math component (and 1560 overall) reflected the time put into studying, but also my understanding of what the SAT was testing for. I compiled all my math notes and made them into a booklet for the friends that were re-taking the test to help them score higher and their feedback was great. 

After helping my friends I decided to continue developing and brought people in to help me create the math drills booklet and today I have a complete SAT Math drills workbook with 2,500 practice problems to solve and all the explanations needed for students to begin to truly understand the fundamentals of mathematics needed to conquer the Math section of the SAT.

In the next few weeks, I plan to self-publish the SAT book to the online world in the hope that I can help other students score higher on the SAT! I’ve looked into self-publishing and it seems somewhat easy with low barriers to entry – just time and energy – and an awesome learning experience. I’m going to start with Createspace.com who will help me print the book and list it on Amazon.com, and all I need to do is format the final manuscript to their specifications and provide a cover. After looking at my various competition (mostly SAT prep companies or large publishers like Kaplan) I designed a front cover to stand apart, to be eye catching and baed on the artwork of Piet Mondrian – abstract but understandable. What do you think?

Ryan Ofman SAT Math Workbook prep for SAT 2018 and math drills

Let me know in the comments what you think of the cover, and stay tuned to follow the SAT Math Workbooks progress!

Ryan Ofman vs SAT Math
I’m going to be an author!


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