SAT Practice tests

Ryan vs. Math. Practice papers are incredibly important! Download some papers, time yourself under exam conditions and no cheating!

Ryan Ofman SAT Math workbook practice equation

Getting used to the SAT test layout, wording and answering all the questions in the time limit is essential to passing. Therefore I recommend doing as many practice test papers as you can.

Time yourself when taking the tests and don’t forget to look at the scoring – checking your answers is not enough, you should look at how they score points, as sometimes you have a correct answer but lose marks because you don’t understand what the examiner is looking for!

E-Math Academy has uploaded 8 full practice tests, with answers and scoring. Try the whole SAT test, or just the math section, all and let me know how you do!

The website was written by Jon Sack, who has a Masters degree in Math education – my current educational goal! On his website he has some great maths notes for students to print off and read through: 

Note: You can also find all the practice papers on the official college board website, but I like E-Math Academy’s website layout better.

Meanwhile, here is a quick question to test your brain! Ugh, thanks Ryan 🙂 Practice makes perfect.

Ryan Ofman SAT Math workbook practice equation
SAT Math practice question


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