Study offline

Ryan Ofman “Study offline to train your brain for SAT math question solving”

Ryan Ofman Recommends Deep Work for SAT math success


For a few hours.

With your phone switched off!

You can do it!!!

I can’t tell you how important it is to avoid distractions when studying math, your brain needs time to think and solve problems, and when your snapchat is constantly buzzing, it is nearly impossible to reach the necessary level of concentration to properly think through problems.

One of my favorite books is called DEEP WORK, and it describes how your brain can do increasingly complex levels of problem-solving – but only if it knows it is allowed to focus as well and wander. With messages, updates, friends dm’ing, it’s nearly impossible to concentrate if you think there is a message waiting to be answered. We all know that that message is the most important thing in the world.  Keeping it in your pocket or bag  sometimes just isn’t good enough – it’s too easy to unconsciously reach for and before you know it, you are on facebook (Amazing how that happens)!

The second reason to study offline is so you don’t check the answers or the steps you missed immediately. Instead, let it sink into your brain and think about unconsciously for a while. You might not know what you did wrong immediately, but soon enough maybe you will have a Eureka! moment and fix your mistakes yourself. It has happened to me on countless occasions and even on the Sat itself!

The brain needs time and a distraction-less space to be able to succeed in math  The internet and wifi are not that useful in the problem-solving stages of mathematics even though googling the answer can be a tempting option. After all the human brain is still the most complex computer in the world. It can solve any SAT math equation – it just needs time and focus.


Ryan Ofman Recommends Deep Work for SAT math success
I Recommend Deep Work for SAT math success


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