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Ryan vs. Math: If you are going to study with only one resource, use Khan Academy

Ryan Ofman Mathematics

Thousands of websites exist dedicated exclusively to helping you study and prep for the SAT, but few compare to Khan Academy.


When studying for the SAT, there was always an open tab on my computer. Even after the SAT, I would browse through the unbelievably varied subjects on Khan from programming to entrepreneurship! The fact that is is all free is just icing on the cake.


If students spent the time neccesary to examine the structure of the exam itself, the SAT would become exponentially easier(See what I did there???) If you can find what you are weak on, Khan Academy is a great resource for studying just that area.The SAT is testing how well a student can understand math concepts, not to trick you or give you the hardest questions possible. Just think of it as this puzzle, and maybe it won’t seem quite so scary.



Ryan Ofman Mathematics

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