New math app – good or bad?

Ryan vs. Math: using photomath – is it a good idea or bad?


Recently in class, a few friends have been showing me a cool new app. It’s called photomath and it does exactly what you’d expect. You take a photo, it does the math for you!

It functions like google translates new method of translating pictures of writing. After messing around a bit, I found that it does work with handwriting( Even that as bad as my own) but functions more cleanly with text.

PhotoMath succeeds in that unlike similar apps previously published, it will show every step the computer took to reach the answer. Instead of just checking your answer, you can see the exact point in which you made a mistake!!! For someone like me who takes 20 minutes to find that simple addition error I made, something like this is a life saver.

As awesome as this new technlogical development is, I want to issue a warning. Using PhotoMath will not improve your SAT, in fact it has the potential to degrade your math abilities. A dependence on apps of this nature can lead to serious problems on the SAT. On the test itself, sometimes you can’t check all of your answers and if you do, you better do it quickly. That does not mean never use this app, but only use it once you have given the problem a solid try. No matter how good at math you are, it requires time and dedication to be a successful mathematician. You and your brain need time so don’t let yourself be handicapped by this tech.

My advice: First try to solve the problem. If you can’t check the back of the book and try to see if you can find how the answer was reached, and finally if nothing else works, PhotoMath is a great way to see where you went wrong.


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