About Ryan

I’m Ryan and welcome to my website, Ryan Vs. Math.

I started this page to document my journey through high school to college (and beyond), because I want to help and inspire other students studying math, offer insight into complex formulas and questions, and help them with feeling more confident using mathematics.

Why am I helping? I believe that math is an essential skill to succeed in everyday life, and it is a fun and incredibly rewarding subject to study. Sadly, so many students hate math – my mission is to change that. I was lucky to have a great math teacher who inspired me and helped me through the fundamentals that later were essential to my problem-solving abilities (both on math tests and in real life). In the future, I hope to teach mathematics to inspire others and change the way students see math – not as a hated subject but as a subject that will improve all aspects of their lives!

Throughout my sophomore year, I studied for the SAT Math test, but I also spent many weekends studying the SAT exam format and the questions and looking at what the examiners are trying to test. I noticed most of my classmates were only studying from SAT prep books or taking practice tests online, but their scores weren’t going up as fast as they wanted. When I scored an 800, many of them came to me and asked what study aids I had used. I compiled my notes and prepared some questions and drills for them; this was was the start of my workbook.

In August 2017, I published my first SAT Math drills book. Within a week of being on Amazon, the book became #1 New Release in the SAT Study Aids section and is set to help thousands of students score higher in the 2018 SAT. I am now in the process of offering it to study groups and community organizations country wide and hope that in the future it will be one of the most useful resources for studying SAT Math. For more info check out the workbook page or contact me

Keep on solving equations!

About me in bullet points:

  • Ryan Ofman
  • Senior from California
  • Published author
  • SAT Survivor = 800 Math
  • C++ skills, computer hardware, and construction, photoshop etc.
  • Cumulative GPA of 4.5
  • Currently taking (and acing) AP Calculus
  • Private math tutor to 5th/6th grade students
  • Student council Treasurer in 9th grade,  President 10th grade, Executive Vice-President 11th grade, Executive President 12th grade
  • Co-captain of Speech and Debate Team
  • English and Hebrew
  • Favorite math question:
Ryan’s favorite question – can you answer it?