New math app – good or bad?

Ryan vs. Math: using photomath – is it a good idea or bad?


Recently in class, a few friends have been showing me a cool new app. It’s called photomath and it does exactly what you’d expect. You take a photo, it does the math for you! Continue reading “New math app – good or bad?”

Talking Math

Ryan vs. Math: coming to the airwaves near you soon

I am so thankful for all of the support on the workbook as of yet. However, our journey is far from over. The next step of our master plan is to find ways to get it into the hands of those who need it. Yes it is being sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but not everyone can afford to be purchasing test prep materials. For every book sold, 3 books can be printed and given to organizations and non profits that benefit underprivileged students apply and get into college.
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Get familiar with this essential resource

Ryan vs. Math: If you are going to study with only one resource, use Khan Academy

Thousands of websites exist dedicated exclusively to helping you study and prep for the SAT, but few compare to Khan Academy.


When studying for the SAT, there was always an open tab on my computer. Even after the SAT, I would browse through the unbelievably varied subjects on Khan from programming to entrepreneurship! The fact that is is all free is just icing on the cake.

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Do they take SATs in China??

Ryan vs. Math: Translating my SAT Math workbook into Chinese

Just yesterday I was emailed by a Chinese publishing company about my SAT math workbook. They’d seen it on Amazon’s new release page and were interested in translating it (well parts of it at least) and releasing it to the Chinese market (via But that got me thinking, do they even take  SATs in China? Continue reading “Do they take SATs in China??”

7 Great Books About Math

Ryan vs. Math: To all the parents – buy these books for your teens.

I’m sure many parents spend hours worrying about the SAT on behalf of their children. One of my teachers once told us the most common question asked at teacher-parent meetings is, “How can I help them prepare for the SAT?” It’s something our parents stress about for years, perhaps because it is seen as a hurdle to college. One problem is that parents (and their kids) spend too much time focusing on the test itself rather than looking at what it’s trying to test.

The SAT math section is looking to prove that  “students have fluency with, understanding of, and the ability to apply the mathematical concepts, skills, and practices.” That’s it! It sounds quite simple, so why do people spend hours, weeks, or months of their lives studying and rote learning how to answer the questions? Surely it’s better to focus on the fluency, understanding and application, rather than answering test questions? Continue reading “7 Great Books About Math”

Why Calculus actually makes your math life easier!

Ryan vs. Calculus

Hollywood movies have taught us some very important lessons about teenagers. That any sadness can be solved with a Coldplay montage and ice cream, that we have a very strange obsession with vampires and werewolves, and that our great nemesis is calculus. For example, in Mean Girls, the great obstacle that Lindsay Lohan must overcome is a limit, but since my introduction to calc, I have always wondered why it gets such a bad rap in modern media. So today, let’s look at calculus comparatively with the other high school math and courses. Continue reading “Why Calculus actually makes your math life easier!”