Do they take SATs in China?

Just yesterday I was emailed by a Chinese publishing company about my SAT math workbook. They’d seen it on Amazon’s new release page and were interested in translating it (well parts of it) and releasing it to the Chinese market (via But do they even sit SATs in China?

Well after a little Google searching, the answer was a resounding yes! Yes, they do sit SATs, although for Chinese students the English portion is the harder part. The Chinese education system is light years (actually more like two ) ahead when it comes to mathematics, so while I wouldn’t go as far as saying the SAT math portion of the test is easy, it’s not as difficult for them as it is for an American student. The only exception is when it comes to long worded questions. Why are Chinese students so good at maths? The most logical reason I found is that their number system and the names of numbers are simpler so children are able to grasp math concepts earlier.

Perhaps a 17-year-old taking the SAT doesn’t need my book, but maybe a 14-year-old will use it before he or she enters advanced calculus class. Either way in about 3 months it will be available to them! The process of translations is quite simple on my end, and I don’t pay any money upfront, but I do have to split the profit with the translators when it becomes available. It’s a good deal for me, and within hours of uploading the book a project manager accepted the book and will now oversee the whole translation. My only job in the process was to write (a full-time job in itself) and upload the book. Now I can sit back and see my workbook in a different language and alphabet. It’s a good day for world domination!

Ryan Ofman Chinese numbers
Ryan Ofman Chinese numbers