Can you solve these questions? Ouch!

Ryan vs. Math. Can you solve these 6 SAT questions? They are some of the hardest questions to ever come up!


Here are some of the most complex questions to have ever come up on the SAT math section. Read them and weep! Continue reading “Can you solve these questions? Ouch!”

7 Great Books About Math

Ryan vs. Math: To all the parents – buy these books for your teens.

I’m sure many parents spend hours worrying about the SAT on behalf of their children. One of my teachers once told us the most common question asked at teacher-parent meetings is, “How can I help them prepare for the SAT?” It’s something our parents stress about for years, perhaps because it is seen as a hurdle to college. One problem is that parents (and their kids) spend too much time focusing on the test itself rather than looking at what it’s trying to test.

The SAT math section is looking to prove that  “students have fluency with, understanding of, and the ability to apply the mathematical concepts, skills, and practices.” That’s it! It sounds quite simple, so why do people spend hours, weeks, or months of their lives studying and rote learning how to answer the questions? Surely it’s better to focus on the fluency, understanding and application, rather than answering test questions? Continue reading “7 Great Books About Math”

Why Calculus actually makes your math life easier!

Ryan vs. Calculus

Hollywood movies have taught us some very important lessons about teenagers. That any sadness can be solved with a Coldplay montage and ice cream, that we have a very strange obsession with vampires and werewolves, and that our great nemesis is calculus. For example, in Mean Girls, the great obstacle that Lindsay Lohan must overcome is a limit, but since my introduction to calc, I have always wondered why it gets such a bad rap in modern media. So today, let’s look at calculus comparatively with the other high school math and courses. Continue reading “Why Calculus actually makes your math life easier!”

The scores in your state

Ryan vs. Math. Average SAT scores per state – check your state!

Below is a list of average SAT scores per state (thanks to PrepExpert for this data). I am planning on comparing my book sales (Amazon offers a map of sales per state) to the average scores. I predict that my most popular state will be California (because that’s where I’m from and where I will reach the most people), so I will also compare the scores against next year (and hopefully California will have risen from #32). Continue reading “The scores in your state”

Don’t make this simple but stupid mistake

Ryan Ofman: Don’t make this simple, but stupid mistake

When it comes to the SAT, or any exam in fact, make sure you are studying for the right test!! It sounds stupid to say this but in 2016 the SAT was redesigned considerably so that you might be studying for an outdated test! Major fail!! Continue reading “Don’t make this simple but stupid mistake”