Request Free Copy

If you are a teacher at an under-resourced school

If you are a teacher, tutor, or other faculty or staff member at a Title 1 school or program serving low-income students, I would be happy to provide you with a free electronic copy of my SAT Math Workbook.  The book is suitable for all levels of high school mathematic’s students looking to improve their performance on the SAT by working on and practicing the underlying mathematics. It does not contain full SAT sample problems and is not a stand-alone SAT study resource, but can be an excellent supplement.

If you receive a book from me in this way, you have permission to copy the material to use as worksheets within your programs. I ask that you not share electronic copies online unless they are available only to students at your program or school via login.

To receive a copy, please contact me.

If you are an SAT tutor or tutor

A free copy may be available in exchange for sharing the book on your website. Please contact me for any information.

Who’s Using SAT Math Workbook?

I’m so happy to see this workbook being used to provide free math skills practice for programs that need it! Currently, programs and schools using the book as a resource include:

  • The Commodore John Rodgers School (Baltimore, MD)
  • Educational Alliance (NYC, NY)
  • Harvard Ed Portal’s Homework Coaching program (Cambridge, MA)
  • Marine Leadership Academy (Chicago, IL)
  • Puede Network (Dallas, TX)
  • Codman Academy (Dorchester, MA)
  • BELA Academy (Brooklyn, NY)
  • 100% College and Career Ready (Equity Team, INC)
  • NYC P-TECH Schools Grade 9-14



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