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Ryan Ofman SAT Math Drills Workbook

 This is the workbook that helped me get an 800 on the SAT Math.

 I recently published it both as a workbook and an e-version for kindles (on all Amazon websites worldwide), so that everyone who needs help can get it. To get a copy check out one of these sites: Amazon, Amazon Mexico, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Japanese Rakuten and Smashwords.

I spent my junior year and a whole summer compiling this essential SAT math drills workbook to ensure students knew the fundamentals of math inside out. I’ve already tested it out on my friends and classmates and they all scored higher after using it. In August 2017 I finally published the SAT Math drills book online and within the first week the book became #1 New Release in the SAT Study Aids section of
Ryan Ofman Mathematics SAT math workbook
#1 New Release

I don’t want to make money off this book, otherwise I would have priced it higher ($1.99 is the minimum price Amazon allows for workbooks). I want to help my fellow students get to grips with mathematics, fall in love with problem solving and excel in the SAT math!

I’m going to use the proceeds of the book to give copies away to community groups and organizations that lack resources or access to adequate SAT materials. My dream is to improve the level of understanding of mathematics throughout the United States, and to change the reputation of maths from difficult and nerdy to useful and interesting, which in turn will drive innovation in the future!

I’m currently in the process of contacting study groups to offer promotional copies of the SAT Workbook.  If you have questions or want to chat maths, please contact me!

Ryan Ofman SAT Math Workbook prep for SAT 2018 and math drills
Ryan Ofman SAT Math Workbook – The perfect prep for SAT 2017/2018