Simple but Stupid Mistakes

Ryan Ofman MAthematics SAT Math

When it comes to the SAT, or any exam in fact, make sure you are actually studying for the right test!!! It sounds stupid to say this but in 2016 the SAT was redesigned considerably so that you might be studying for a totally different test! A true nightmare!!!

It’s not just in the Math section, but all sections have been redesigned. And yet on three different occasions, I’ve seen people using outdated problems and prep books to study. They probably can learn something as a result of using these materials, but let’s be honest – the main aim of studying for the SAT is to get the highest score possible, not to get better at math. It is a test of knowledge and application, but it is also a test of ability and understanding systems. The SAT isn’t testing for math genius, but rather testing competence – how well can you read, write, solve problems, and, most importantly, interpret what’s given to you.

After changing the SAT in 2016, the College Board stated that the math section should demonstrate that “students have fluency with, understanding of, and the ability to apply the mathematical concepts, skills, and practices that are most strongly prerequisite and central to their ability to progress through a range of college courses,  career training, and career opportunities.” 

See? They are testing basic math ability for a range of different course options at college! So even if you are not a math wiz, you can still pass with an 800 if you have a thorough understanding of basic math skills!

My #1 tip cough …. (buy my book) …. cough…… is to brush up of the foundations of math!!

Tip #2 – make sure you use books, tests, and websites from the new SAT! Unless you are like me and understand the test inside out, don’t go near the old ones.

Tip #3 Know what the new SAT  will ask you for!

Ryan Ofman MAthematics SAT Math