Talking Math

Ryan vs. Math: coming to the airwaves near you soon


I am so thankful for all of the support on the workbook as of yet. However, our journey is far from over. The next step of our master plan is to find ways to get it into the hands of those who need it. Yes it is being sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but not everyone can afford to be purchasing test prep materials. For every book sold, 3 books can be printed and given to organizations and non profits that benefit underprivileged students apply and get into college.
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7 Great Books About Math

Ryan vs. Math: To all the parents – buy these books for your teens.

I’m sure many parents spend hours worrying about the SAT on behalf of their children. One of my teachers once told us the most common question asked at teacher-parent meetings is, “How can I help them prepare for the SAT?” It’s something our parents stress about for years, perhaps because it is seen as a hurdle to college. One problem is that parents (and their kids) spend too much time focusing on the test itself rather than looking at what it’s trying to test.

The SAT math section is looking to prove that  “students have fluency with, understanding of, and the ability to apply the mathematical concepts, skills, and practices.” That’s it! It sounds quite simple, so why do people spend hours, weeks, or months of their lives studying and rote learning how to answer the questions? Surely it’s better to focus on the fluency, understanding and application, rather than answering test questions? Continue reading “7 Great Books About Math”

The scores in your state

Ryan vs. Math. Average SAT scores per state – check your state!

Below is a list of average SAT scores per state (thanks to PrepExpert for this data). I am planning on comparing my book sales (Amazon offers a map of sales per state) to the average scores. I predict that my most popular state will be California (because that’s where I’m from and where I will reach the most people), so I will also compare the scores against next year (and hopefully California will have risen from #32). Continue reading “The scores in your state”

My SAT study schedule

Ryan vs. Math: How to create a study schedule that really works.

It’s no secret that organised people tend to do better in exams (and in life) and the SAT is no exception. Very few people (if any) would be able to walk into the SATs without having studied, and I’d hazard a guess that everyone who scores above 1400 will have prepared months in advance for it. I have always loved math so it is no surprise that I started looking at the SAT 7/8 months in advance – not because I was worried, but because I was excited to take it and wanted to see how the college board assessed students in terms of mathematics. Continue reading “My SAT study schedule”

I’m self-publishing my SAT Drills Book!

Ryan vs. Math: I am self publishing my workbook, and it already has a front cover.

After studying for the new SAT, studying the test itself and then taking it, I felt confident that my score of 800 for the math component (and 1560 overall) reflected the time put into studying, but also my understanding of what the SAT was testing for. I compiled all my math notes and made them into a booklet for the friends that were re-taking the test to help them score higher and their feedback was great.  Continue reading “I’m self-publishing my SAT Drills Book!”